Beginners guide to accounting

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The Beginners Guide to Accounting

This accounting training course is an introduction ideal for anyone new to accounting who wants to understand basic accounting terms and concepts and feel more confident when working with your accounts.

The course is designed for those working in a New Zealand business environment.

No previous knowledge of accounting is expected and all terms and concepts are introduced in a way that is simple and easy to understand. It is a practical, non-computerised course and helps non-accountants get to grips with some accounting basics that will assist them to successfully use their accounting software.

On Completion of This Course…

        • You will be able to apply basic accounting concepts
        • You will be able to recognise accounts as Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Expenses or Revenue type
        • You will be able to apply business transactions on the accounting equation
        • You will be able to read a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
        • You will be able to code transactions to appropriate accounts
        • You will be able to understand how GST works and calculate GST to pay
        • You will be able to identify capital verse revenue expenses
        • You will be able to set up a successful accounts filing system
        • You will be able to identify company profits vs personal income and who pays the income tax (covered if time permits)


Duration: up to 3 hours

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