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Payroll Support

Your employees are your greatest asset and it is important to get things right when it comes to payday. New Zealand is known for having once of the most complicated payroll legislations in the world.

Often out of the box software will only do part of the job and many errors caused by user error, incorrect setup of your software, and lack of payroll/holidays act knowledge.

Payroll Set-up & Training

If you are employing staff for the first time, migrating to a new payroll system, or taking a paper based system into the cloud, it pays to get the payroll system set up correctly right from the start. We can do this for you, or if you have done this yourself we can check it before you go live.

We will tech you how to get the best out of your payroll system.

Payroll review

Do you have a feeling that the payroll or leave isn’t quite correct? or maybe you have been asked a curly question from one of you staff and you aren’t sure of the answer. We can help:

        • Compliance review
        • Leave balance review
        • Remediation Calculations
        • Correction of past issues


Aspire Solutions offer payroll support to your key staff so that they can get the payroll processed correctly.

We also offer short-term contracts to cover you when key staff take leave, we can ensure that your staff gets paid and that some other important tasks still happen while your staff member is away.

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