Aspire Solutions created end to end instructions to integrate our systems

Company: OrbitRemit 
Industry: Finance – Online money transfer company
Interviewee: Robbie Sampson, CEO
When OrbitRemit came to Aspire Solutions for help integrating transaction information from their online payment system into MYOB,  Aspire Solutions identified very quickly an out of the box accounting system wasn’t going to suit their needs and helped find a better solution.
CEO of OrbitRemit, Robbie Sampson was guided by Aspire Solutions throughout the process analysis phase. “We have large transaction volumes and wanted all our transaction information fully integrated with an online accounting system to save time and pull real time reporting.”
OrbitRemit is an online international money transfer company which begun in 2008.  The nature of the business means their transaction information is highly complex with current exchange rates, rate expiry dates and recurring payments to several countries throughout the world.

Aspire Solutions discovered the current process, while it was very clever, was also very laborious. Aspire Solutions was able to help OrbitRemit map out their integration requirements in detail and find the right accounting system to make integration possible.

How Aspire Solutions made integration possible

  • Liaised with all areas of the business to understand the transaction variables.  Aspire Solutions broke down every step of the transaction process, and every possible variation on a transaction, including expired deals, short payments, overpayment, currency exchange rates etc.
  • Worked out the proper accounting debits and credits that had to happen at each step in the process.
  • Determined very quickly that MYOB accounting software was not going to be the right solution for their business into the future.

Once a customised system was agreed on to replace MYOB, Aspire Solutions created a comprehensive set of instructions for their in house programmer to design a compatible export routine for system integration.  This ensured that the system had everything OrbitRemit needed for real time and accurate financial reporting.
“When Aspire Solutions established that MYOB wasn’t going to give us what we needed it was a ‘light bulb moment’ that lead us in the direction we needed to go.  Their input on how to make the process seamless was invaluable”

“I would definitely recommend Aspire Solutions to other businesses.”

Helping your business…

Aspire Solutions were able to draw on their extensive experience in system integration and accounting, to design a bespoke solution for this high volume business.  At every step of the way Aspire Solutions kept the business goals of OrbitRemit in mind.
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