Petroleum Solutions

Aspire Solutions enables savings of 3.5 hours per week through enhanced processes

Company: Petroleum Solutions
Industry: Engineering and Construction  
Interviewee: Angela Anderson, Administration Manager
PSL was spending hours every week on payroll and knew there must be a better way, but didn’t really know where to start.
“Due to branch costing and job costing requirements we were spending hours doing payroll via spreadsheets in order to report as we wanted to,” says Administration Manager Angela Anderson.
“The payslips needed to have specific information such as kilometres travelled and job hours so we tracked everything in spreadsheets”
“This was very time-consuming, it takes about 3.5 hours every week to complete.  Being a small office of two (myself and an assistant), this used up valuable time.” says Angela.
Petroleum Solutions Ltd is a 100% privately owned New Zealand Company which specialises in Service Station installation and other engineering solutions.
The company was established in 2003 and has branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. With over 1000 invoices to process each month, the expertise provided by the team from Aspire Solutions has resulted in major time savings and real time stock management.

How Aspire Solutions helped reduce payroll time for every pay cycle

  • Looked at the current process with Angela and identified the critical data required for payroll.
  • Developed a solution where all the data for timesheets and payroll could be exported directly from the payroll system, eliminating hours of excel data entry.
  • The team from Aspire Solutions transferred all the excel spreadsheet information into the payment system using journals.
  • Trained Angela and her assistant on the new automated process.
  • Saved Angela 3.5 hours every week just on time sheets and payroll!

“I knew the process wasn’t efficient but I didn’t know how to fix it” says Angela. I approached Aspire Solutions with the challenge I was having.  They took the time to really understand how we needed the payroll system and timesheets to look and created fantastic processes that meet all our requirements.”
“Aspire Solutions and Jo gave us great training on the new process, they really know their stuff.  Not just MYOB, but the accounting lingo and how a business operates.”
“Anyone can show you MYOB but if you don’t know how accounting and businesses work you could end up barking up the wrong tree.  I was very impressed”, Angela Anderson, Administration Manager.

Other challenges Aspire Solutions has helped Petroleum Solutions solve…

  • PAYE – Saved an hour every month! – Reduced time by creating a process which eliminated having to repeat entries three times for one invoice, one for each branch – i.e Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.
  • Slow system time – Angela, Administration Manager. ”After ten years of the same system, old records or “junk” I call it, was making the system really slow and kept crashing. Aspire Solution assisted us in creating a new datafile, which enabled us to cull out old data and leave our bad habits behind.  Although there was a significant amount of opening balance information to transfer across, we were fully operational and caught up to date again within three weeks.” Says Angela.

Created a real time stock management system – It used to take at least 30 minutes to get accurate stock volume information! 

  • “It used to take 30 minutes to calculate our stock on hand information for the boss, now I can tell him straight away, at any time, and can print reports.” Say Angela.  Aspire Solutions set up the branches of the company within the accounting system, and greatly simplified how to correctly account for stock (imported from overseas, at a correct landed cost) and handle the distribution of stock to branches.”

Helping your business…

Every step of the way Aspire Solutions kept the business goals of Petroleum Solutions in mind and used their expertise to implement tailored business management solutions.
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